Thekkady – Home to Greenery, Wildlife and More

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Thekkady is home to natural evergreen forests and hordes of wildlife, especially elephants. On tourism advertisements, images of elephants are used to depict Thekkady. Thus, in a way, the region is synonymous with its wildlife population. The green forests, the soothing climate and the proximity to nature make Thekkady one of the most serene and exciting places to be in.

Thekkady, though is renowned for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, also has many other picturesque locations that are travellers’ delight. Just roam around and you will get a taste of local culture, art, and the life. A visit to Thekkady alone will make you realize why the state of Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own Country’.

Thekkady – Home to Greenery

Here are the top tourist spots in Thekkady that you can enjoy:

The Periyar Lake has now become a boon not to just the wildlife in the area but even for tourists, it is a one-point destination to see animals and enjoy the picturesque view of the sanctuary at the same time.

Pullu in Malayalam means grass and Pullumendu means ‘grass meadows’ and as the name, the small but beautiful town is surrounded by lush green covering.

Though Thekkady is not a pilgrimage centre and it is more a tourist spot with adventure and ecotourism, there are few temples too which attract visitors in large numbers. One of the famous temples in Thekkady is the Mangaladevi Temple and the other famous temple near Thekkady is the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.

Mangaladevi Temple: The legend is that Kannaki, after her husband Kovalan was accused of robbery and killed, flew into a rage and burnt the Madurai city and transformed herself into a Goddess. It is believed that it was a Tamil King named Chera Chenguttuvan who built this temple in memory of Kannaki or Mangaladevi.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple: The deity Ayyappan, the son of Lord Shiva, is believed to have chosen this mountain abode for himself. Devotees who wish to visit the temple have to undertake strict religious austerities including abstaining from non-vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks, and only after 41 days of following it, can one enter the temple.  In the month of January, April and December, huge crowd throng the temple.

When you talk about Kerala spices, you cannot but mention caradamom in particular. It will be a refreshing walk with the aroma of cardamom surrounding your senses. Take your family and friends along not just to witness how your kitchen spices are grown but to take in the fresh aromatic air and to refresh your lungs and eyes.

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