Which .io Game to Choose to Play?

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There was no such a problem when AGAR.io was launched because it was the only .io game available, but today, you can find a long list of different titles that may grab your attention. So, which one to choose to play if you want to kill some time or if you just want to entertain yourself?

Choosing a Game

If you have never played .io games, you can pick anything, for instance, Agar. io, which is a very simple but addicting game allowing you to discover the main principle of nearly all .io games — to survive.

You will find plenty of games featuring different themes. If you like ocean and fish, you can check out Mope.io or Oceanar.io; if you prefer zombies, you can play Zombs.io, and if you are crazy about ghosts, you should pay your attention to Ghostz.io. More games are available, of course, but it would not be the best idea to include a description of each of them in one article. At Iospace.games, you will find plenty of titles and images for each of the games that will give you a clear idea of what this particular game is about. Additionally, you can find a more detailed description of each of them on this website.

Playing With Your Friends

.io games are perfect for playing with your friends, even if they live in another city. You just need to load the same website at the same time and choose the same game. This will allow you to enjoy real-time interaction and communication via a live chat option. In this case, you should choose a game that is interesting for you and your friends. Anyway, it will not be a problem, considering the number of io. games that you can find on the Internet, particularly at Iospace.games. There is no need to register, and you can simply play as a guest.