Healthy Fiber and Living Well in an Era of Doubt

This has been a difficult past few months for the majority of Americans. These times are uncertain with newly elected officials and the future of our climate in jeopardy. While we encourage our readers or anyone who stumbles across this page to remain calm, we also ask that you fight for your own rights to clean air, fresh water and healthy foods.  One of the ways to prevent stress is to take care of your body both externally and internally.

Many people have been doubting whether or not they should continue to eat grains and gluten now that gluten-free diets and fears of intolerance have spread throughout the nation.  Before you jump on the bandwagon, consult your family doctor to ensure that you are in fact intolerant.  One of the ways you can ensure you are getting healthy grains in your diet is to consider growing them in your own backyard.  If you stock up in the spring and summer, you can make and freeze homemade breads.  When you are consuming organic and natural foods full of fiber, you don’t need to worry about them having any negative impacts on you or your weight loss.

Fiber and grains also have many benefits you shouldn’t ignore.  Not only do they provide you with complex carbohydrates that give you the energy to keep your body running, but they make you strong. Without enough fiber, you will have problems with digestion which can make you uncomfortable. Some people prefer to take a supplement such as Skinny Fiber which can greatly help you have regular bowel movements and satiate your hunger cravings.  There are three types of fibers within the supplement which expand in your stomach after drinking plenty of water.  After this, you’ll be less hungry throughout the day.

If you don’t eat whole grain breads or rices, then you will be very hungry throughout the day because white breads or even other food sources such as protein, will not fill you the same way as foods rich in fiber.  You need to keep your body properly fueled in order to stay fit and active.  Try to eat as organically as possible.  It is advised to have between 4-5 servings of grains per day for most adults. If you are trying to lose weight, you might want to eat 2-3 servings a day but make sure you take Skinny Fiber as well to get your 25 grams of fiber per day.  Drink plenty of water and exercise as often as possible.

Losing weight steadily will help you feel better about yourself in addition to improving your overall level of health and quality of life. Keep at it!

Getting in Shape: Dancing to Country Music


Exercise can be one of the most boring things on the planet or one of the most fun things, depending on what form of exercise you choose.  If you are spending a monotonous hour on a treadmill without music, you might as well be watching paint dry. In the summer, it’s too hot to go for runs outside without dehydrating or sweating too much.  And in the winter, if you’re from a cold state or Canada, it’s dangerous to go for runs on slippery ice.

For beginners, the gym can be intimidating when a lot of people who go there are already in great shape. And the gym is also way too time consuming for those who have busy lives and families in addition to work.  But everyone has an hour or a half hour to dedicate to working out. And this new exercise program from beach body called Country Heat is just the program to get you started with your weight loss.  All you need is some good shoes and workout clothes and you can dance off the pounds to some catchy country music tunes!  Of course this won’t be the workout for you if you don’t absolutely love this type of music but you still might enjoy the dance moves regardless.

The program also comes with a set of portion control containers in various sizes. You’ll follow a formula to figure out how many containers you need to consume each day in order to lose 1-2 pounds per week, depending on your weight loss goal. The most important thing to remember is that you need to eat sensibly and also exercise in order to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle and get the best results.  If you keep “treating” yourself during the 3 week Country Heat program, your results will be halted. You need to try to commit to a solid three weeks to get the most of the program.

There are seven different workouts that you will follow, some of them specifically target the upper and lower bodies.  The dance conditioning workout helps build muscle while most of the workouts are purely cardio so you’ll be getting the maximum fat and calorie burn possible. You won’t need any extra equipment, just sensible shoes and clothes and perhaps a mat if your floor is slippery.  Remember to drink plenty of water as you workout so you don’t get dehydrated.  Some people prefer to workout on an empty stomach in the morning, but I prefer to have a small snack like an apple or banana a half hour prior to working out so I have some energy in me to push myself to the maximum.