Who and why needs push notifications?

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Push notifications are short messages from the site to users. When you open the site or app for the first time, the browser or app offers you to subscribe to the instant message. After you agree, your operating system is recorded in the distribution database, and you’ll start receiving push notifications.

What are the advantages of push notifications?

Here are the main advantages of push ads:

  • Easy and fast subscription. All you need is to click the Allow button in the pop-up window on the site.
  • Unable to send spam. Sending push messages is possible only after the subscriber’s permission. At the time of the subscription, an encrypted code is assigned to it, which depends on the type of device/browser/site. Therefore, it is technically impossible to copy such a database or send a notification to a user who did not subscribe.
  • Low price. The browsability is higher than that of email newsletters, and the price is lower than that of SMS. The payment is not for the number of characters in the message, but for the delivered notifications to unique subscribers.
  • Easy unsubscription. By selecting one of three simple unsubscription methods, you can set up a convenient time for delivering push notifications or unsubscribe from them at all.

For whom push-notifications will become an indispensable tool for working with subscribers?

Push notifications are especially beneficial for e-commerce services, but they are also useful in the following cases:

  • As trigger messages. You can notify your customers about the status of their order, the receipt of the goods that the buyer was interested in, or about the abandoned basket. The readability of messages will be at the level of 90%.
  • For bulk notifications. What could be better than a sale that 90% of all your subscribers know about?
  • Weather forecasts, bids, and news. Push messages are ideal for delivering urgent messages. With their help, you can report changes in exchange rates, results of sports matches, news, and send important notifications from the services.
  • Training, webinars, and presentations. 36% of Chrome browser users subscribe to notifications of this kind. You can start to inform in advance about the forthcoming event, the training program, or the webinar. This will attract interest from subscribers, and they will be happy to visit your event. Another advantage of push notifications is the high bandwidth – a couple of thousand messages per minute.

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