Using Reusable Containers to Improve the Environment

One of the most thoughtless ways to go about living is to waste.  This isn’t to say that people want to waste or are even conscious of the fact that they are doing it – but regardless, we throw out about a large bag of garbage per day and half of the population doesn’t even recycle.  There are plenty of things you can do to prevent this and one of those is to repack and reuse containers rather than plastic bags in your every day life.


When you go grocery shopping, many of us rely on getting a plastic bag at the end and then tossing it out when we are done. Instead of doing this, you can bring your own paper or cloth bags to the supermarket with you and take home what you need. You can even bring your own reusable bags for packing fruits and vegetables or bring a box after labeling them by weight. Instead of packing your children’s lunch in a plastic bag, invest in a fun colored or themed lunch bag they can take with them.  And if you have to bring your own lunch to work, you should plan meals in advance and pack your lunch items in reusable containers or bento boxes.

One of the most popular diets on the market is called the 21 day fix and it is a wonderful way to monitor or maintain your weight while also helping the environment. The premise of the diet is to use various container sizes for the 21 day fix program and fill these containers with different foods from all the food groups.  You can pack a salad, a container full of fruits, seeds or cubed cheese and take it to work.  If you invest in several packs of these containers, you’ll be prepared to use them even when the others are still drying in the dish washer.  This diet helps you not only to lose weight and watch what you eat each day, but teaches you and your children to be more conscious and aware about food consumption and waste reduction.

It’s also important to use a BPA free water bottle to pack alongside your lunch and avoid buying plastic water bottles which just contribute to the mess. If you filter your water and place it in a refillable water bottle, you’ll not only save money, but will help animals and sea life by taking consideration.  There are many different strategies like this you can implement to help not only save your wallet, but save your planet.

Getting in Shape: Dancing to Country Music


Exercise can be one of the most boring things on the planet or one of the most fun things, depending on what form of exercise you choose.  If you are spending a monotonous hour on a treadmill without music, you might as well be watching paint dry. In the summer, it’s too hot to go for runs outside without dehydrating or sweating too much.  And in the winter, if you’re from a cold state or Canada, it’s dangerous to go for runs on slippery ice.

For beginners, the gym can be intimidating when a lot of people who go there are already in great shape. And the gym is also way too time consuming for those who have busy lives and families in addition to work.  But everyone has an hour or a half hour to dedicate to working out. And this new exercise program from beach body called Country Heat is just the program to get you started with your weight loss.  All you need is some good shoes and workout clothes and you can dance off the pounds to some catchy country music tunes!  Of course this won’t be the workout for you if you don’t absolutely love this type of music but you still might enjoy the dance moves regardless.

The program also comes with a set of portion control containers in various sizes. You’ll follow a formula to figure out how many containers you need to consume each day in order to lose 1-2 pounds per week, depending on your weight loss goal. The most important thing to remember is that you need to eat sensibly and also exercise in order to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle and get the best results.  If you keep “treating” yourself during the 3 week Country Heat program, your results will be halted. You need to try to commit to a solid three weeks to get the most of the program.

There are seven different workouts that you will follow, some of them specifically target the upper and lower bodies.  The dance conditioning workout helps build muscle while most of the workouts are purely cardio so you’ll be getting the maximum fat and calorie burn possible. You won’t need any extra equipment, just sensible shoes and clothes and perhaps a mat if your floor is slippery.  Remember to drink plenty of water as you workout so you don’t get dehydrated.  Some people prefer to workout on an empty stomach in the morning, but I prefer to have a small snack like an apple or banana a half hour prior to working out so I have some energy in me to push myself to the maximum.